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Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is the official Top Ten Tuesday is taking a break for a few weeks so I’m making one up. This week I’m doing Top Ten things the placement of the books on my bookshelves tell you about me and my feelings toward them.

10. The book/series is on the shelf closest to my bed: this is an all-time favourite.

9. The book is resting on top of a shelf or on the nightstand: it’s newly bought or a very recent read.

8. The series is in a row behind the main row on my deep bookshelf(two rows per shelf): the cover changed and I’m still not over it.

7. A book by a certain author isn’t placed with all the others by that author: I really didn’t like it and don’t want it near the books I did like.

6. The book is on a shelf in my closet: I didn’t enjoy it and don’t plan on re-reading but there’s still something keeping me from getting rid of it.

5. The book is on the farthest shelf from my bed: it’s on the TBR list and will be read one day.

4. The series isn’t together: I either just read or just bought a book in the series and haven’t gotten around to putting it away.

3. The book is in a stack on the floor or computer chair: newly bought or the product of having to re-arrange shelf space and now needs a home.

2. I own multiple copies: this book is an absolute favourite so when the opportunity for special editions or signed copies came up, I took advantage.

  1. I own the whole series but it’s in the closet shelves: the author killed off my favourite in the last book and I’m still angry about it.

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Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week’s topic is Top Ten Thanksgiving theme. Top Ten things I am thankful for.

10. My friends/co-workers. I am lucky enough to work with some great people who have become some of my best friends. It’s them I go out to the movies with, discuss books with, go out to dinner with. Without them, I’d just be sitting at home.

9. Netflix. For those days when I really don’t feel like doing anything or need an instant pick me up.

8. Bath products. Bubbles bath, bath salts, bath bombs. I love taking long baths to relax.

7. Candles. Going into the holiday season working retail, I need all the help relaxing I can get.

6. Our fire pit. When we’re outside, this is the central place to be. Not only does it smell nice, it’s a place where the family gathers around to roast marshmallows and talk.

5. My health and the health of my family. It’s been a pretty good year health wise and I hope it stays that way.

4. Books.

3. A little financial freedom. This year it finally seems like all those extra hours worked are paying off.

2. New additions. My sister had a baby back in February:)

1. You guys! For reading my rambles about books that, when I started this blog, I thought no one would ever care.


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Book Talk: Bookish Confession Time


It’s been a while since I did a little confessing. I went back to look at the last time I did a post just to see if any of the confessions were still were true and none of them have changed. I am a creature of habit I guess.

1. If I have to choose between new books and new clothes, I pick new books. I can deal with clothes being a little too baggy or out of season for an extra two weeks until next payday.

2. There might be a mess all over my bedroom at times but my bookshelves are always meticulous.

3. Even if I read an ARC(digital or physical), I need to buy the hardcover of the book if I rated it 3 stars or higher.

4. I prefer hardcovers and will actually replace a paperback with a hardcover if I find it for the right price.

5. I pet pretty covers.

6. There is a book from my TBR pile in every room of my house, just in case I need it.

7. Talking to me while I’m reading is a bad idea. I either won’t hear you at all or you’re putting your life at risk.

8. I tend not to picture characters as I’m reading, no matter how vividly they’re described. It’s a weird habit but it works out in the long run since I don’t have an image for a movie cast to live up to.

9. I will buy multiple copies of the same book if there’s special editions. But only if the book was a 5 stars read.

10. I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where writing a review isn’t a little nerve-wracking. It’s a little piece of my thoughts out there for everyone to see.

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Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week’s topic is Top Ten sites I visit that aren’t book-related.

10. Etsy – I spend way too much money on this site and it makes me so jealous that people can be that creative.

9. TVLine – Recaps of TV shows and so much news about casting, renewals, cancellations, etc.

8. YouTube – Because it’s YouTube and there’s so many things to watch.

7. Teaser Trailer – There’s so many movie trailers I’m waiting for. I think I check this site five times a day.

6. TSN – I like sports. It’s literally The Sports Network.

5. Deadline – Another movie/TV news site. I like to be caught up on news about my shows.

4. Pinterest – For when I think I’m feeling creative.

3. My Recipes – I like to cook and experiment with dishes I’ve never tried before. Definitely need a recipe site for that.

2. Twitter – Honestly, 99% of my tweets are book related but I still follow a lot of people who don’t post about books(and I’m running out of sites that aren’t book-related;))

1. Facebook – Another one where most of my posts are bookish but I’m on it multiple times a day, keeping up to date with everything that people are posting.


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After the snowstorm fun

This is what happens at my house when we get so many massive snowstorms in a row. We end up having a bonfire in a snow pit complete with a bar. One more storm and we’re making a reading couch to read by the fire.

firesnowbar 3snowbar 2snowbarfirepit

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Storm days make for great reading days

Today, it looks like this outside:


Nasty and it’s only supposed to get worse. Planning on writing out some reviews to get ahead and, of course, lots of reading and maybe a tv marathon.

This will likely be most of my day:



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