Book Review: Immunity by Erin Bowman



Release date: July 2nd. Tomorrow!

Sequel to: Contagion. Review here.

4.5 stars

Contagion was one of my highlights last year and I’ve been not so patiently waiting to the sequel, Immunity, since. It picked up pretty much as soon as Contagion ended and felt like getting thrown right back into the story. Even with such a length of time in between readings, Contagion was still in my head so it was easy to remember key details from the first book that applied to the sequel. Both are books I will definitely re-read.

Contagion was more about preying on fear of what might be out there, in the dark, waiting for you, and giving off an Alien vibe. Immunity took that to the next level, giving its characters more obstacles and ethical dilemmas. It’s definitely two books that make me side-eye the shadows in my room while and after reading them.

It was great to be back with Coen and Thea to find out where their journey would take them next. I enjoyed seeing their bond develop in Contagion but seeing it now, seeing them grow together, was amazing. These are two I was rooting for, both to overcome their odds separately and together. I really loved the new characters introduced in this sequel. Whether they were on the good side, the bad side, or in the grey area, they all played a role in the overall story and they added to it.

I feel like I can’t say a lot without giving away spoilers and I don’t want to do that because these are books everyone should experience without spoilers. I 100% percent both of these books, along with anything by Erin Bowman.

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