Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish, and has now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is Top Ten books I can’t believe I read.

10. hunger games big The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins. I ended up really loving this series but it took a while for me to actually pick it up. Kids killing each other for rich people’s entertainment? It didn’t sound like something I would enjoy. So wrong.

9. harry potter Harry Potter – JK Rowling. I was reading James Patterson and John Grisham when this series first came out so at first, it felt like it would be taking a step backward. Then I decided not to care and fell in love.

8. twilight big Twilight – Stephanie Meyer. I was pretty sure this wouldn’t be my kind of thing but caved to peer pressure. I should have stayed strong but I did like the supporting characters.

7. shutter Shutter – Courtney Alameda. I can do scary books but this cover was terrifying and I’m still surprised I picked it up. No regrets though.

6. fault The Fault in our Stars – John Green. I was late to the John Green party but teens with cancer didn’t sound like the more upbeat stuff I was reading at the time. Now I’m all about the heartbreak books.

5. my lady jane My Lady Jane – Ashton, Hand, Meadows. Usually I’m very picky about my historical so a book that inserted so much comedy and paranormal elements, I was very unsure. But I loved it.

4. Leave me Leave Me – Gayle Forman. I don’t read adult books that often, even when it’s authors that write YA, but I did this time.

3. Ginny Moon Ginny Moon – Benjamin Ludwig. And this time too. So good!

2. vampire academy big Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead. With how over vampires I was before picking this one, I’m still surprised I did actually read it. But I flew through the series plus its spin-off.

  1. fifty shades Fifty Shades of Grey – EL James. Still not quite sure why I did.

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One response to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Hunger Games and Fifty Shades made my list too! I’m also confused as to how I ended up reading 50 Shades…

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