Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is the official Top Ten Tuesday is taking a break for a few weeks so I’m making one up. This week I’m doing Top Ten Tuesday fireside reads. Any genre, these are the books that make me feel warm inside, that go perfectly with a blanket and mug of hot chocolate. AKA Tris pairs books with drinks and makes herself crave them all.

10. boys i've loved To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han. This is super cute, just a little angsty, and goes perfectly with chocolate chip cookies dunked in white hot chocolate.

9. rites of passage Rites of Passage – Joy N Hensley. For the days when your hot chocolate needs a little bit of a kick with some Bailey’s, this book featuring a badass female lead is perfect.

8. anna big Anna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins. This book is perfect for snuggling in with your fluffiest blanket and adding some whipped topping and chocolate shavings to your hot chocolate.

7. throne of glass big Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas. For those nights when a heavier, more fantastical plot seems in order, this one is perfect for staying up all night as the fire dies and it’s time to switch from hot chocolate to cappuccino.

6. secret-of-a-heart-note The Secret of a Heart Note – Stacey Lee. A great option for snuggling up with a blanket, teddy, and either a flowery tea or cinnamon hot chocolate during a snowstorm.

5. snow like ashes Snow Like Ashes – Sarah Raasch. This would be a pick I would read by the campfire as the sun is setting, drinking something with a little kick to it. Maybe some hot cocoa with a little fireball in it.

4. summer mermaids The Summer of Chasing Mermaids – Sarah Ockler. This is another campfire read, for those early ones where it’s still light out and still warm enough to be drinking iced lattes.

3. proof of forever Proof of Forever – Lexa Hillyer. Sometimes I just want to reminisce about an amazing summer and this book is perfect for that, paired with a bonfire on the beach or a campfire at the cottage while sipping on a milkshake.

2. on the fence big On the Fence – Kasie West. Any Kasie West book is perfect for those nights when your skin is still on fire because you forgot sunscreen and you need a distraction. And read while drinking plenty of water(though mine is always fruit flavoured).

  1. harry potter Harry Potter – JK Rowling. Because Harry Potter is the perfect book for any occasion. Always.

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