Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is a Top Ten Mother’s Day theme freebie so I chose to do Top Ten YA Books I would recommend to my mom. My mom tends to prefer fantasy over everything else, and especially loves when the main character finds out he or she has a magical ability and a destiny. She will try Sci-Fi and dystopian but isn’t one for contemporary unless it’s extremely engaging. Luckily there’s quite a bit to choose from. She also prefers all the books being released before she starts a series.

10. Ginny Moon Ginny Moon – Benjamin Ludwig. I just finished this one and it’s already making a recommendation list. My mom loved Room by Emma Donahue so I think she would enjoy this one.

9. throne of glass Throne of Glass series – Sarah J Maas. This is a recommendation for later when it’s closer to all the books being released and I know she won’t catch up before the last one comes out. She would love the characters and the world.

8. young elites The Young Elites – Marie Lu. I think my mom would enjoy the darker tone of this series and all the twist that happen through the books.

7. red queen Red Queen series – Victoria Aveyard. Again, this is one completely up my mom’s alley but only once it’s closer to being finished. She would love the whole red blooded girl with powers rising up against the silvers plot.

6. Sabriel The Old Kingdom series – Garth Nix. To me, this book just screams “read me” to my mom. The Old Kingdom is definitely a world she will fall in love with.

5. the crown's game The Crown’s Game/Fate – Evelyn Skye. Just a duology when she prefers long series but I know she would love the magic and the dueling in this book.

4. falling kingdom Falling Kingdoms – Morgan Rhodes. My mom loves the show Game of Thrones but found the books too detailed and too long. This series has a similar vibe as G.O.T. but without feeling like it’s dragging on and on.

3. challenger deep Challenger Deep – Neal Shusterman. Even though she doesn’t read a lot of contemporary, I think this is one she would stick with right to the end. It’s engaging and very insightful. Plus it’s Neal Shusterman.

2. orphan queen The Orphan Queen Duology – Jodi Meadows. This is one I know she would love for the magic, the rebellion, the underdog story line. She might not like that there’s only two books though.

  1. snow like ashes Snow Like Ashes series – Sara Raasch. I love the intricate world building and I think my mom would fall in love with it as well. Plus the main character is exactly what she looks for in a book.




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4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Hey! I did pretty much the same post, but my mom’s not into fantasy. It was fun to see what you’d recommend since yours is. 🙂
    My TTT.

  2. What an interesting list. Does your mom read your blog? How many of these books do you think she’ll be trying in the near future?

    Here is my TTT.

  3. These sound interesting! My TTT 🙂

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