Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is Top Ten things that will make me not want to read a book aka book turn offs.

10. Boring love triangles. I’ve accepted that most times I pick up a book, there will be some form of a love triangle involved. They’re not going away. When I can predict the end pairing from the synopsis, it’s not something that intrigues me.

9. The synopsis gives it all away. Much like a movie trailer, when the synopsis gives away 90% of the plot of the book, I’m not interested in finding out the other 10%.

8. The main character having a hobby the author obviously didn’t research. I love it when characters have interesting or unique hobbies and interests but show me those hobbies and interests. A passing remark that the main character loves curling but it’s never mentioned again does not show me they love curling.

7. No growth arc. I love when even the supporting characters, at least the more prominent ones, have growth arcs along with the main character but if there’s no growth arc at all, I usually lose interest.

6. Too many issues packed into one plot. Most of the time when a book tries to tackle too many issues, it ends up doing none of them well.

5. Insta-love. I can handle instant attraction but at least let them find out each other’s names before declarations of love.

4. When the characters never do necessary things like eat or sleep. I don’t need details about their bathroom schedule but little things like grabbing an apple on the way out the door or waking up with bedhead are small things that make the characters feel so much more real to me.

3. Magically good at a difficult skill. It’s one thing to be a natural at a new skill. It’s another to master it after one lesson. I actually prefer when the character struggles because it can make for a great moment when they to master it.

2. A book compared to two very popular at the moment books. When I see X meets Y with X and Y being two of my favourite books, all that does is set up very, mega high expectations.

  1. No positive female interactions. If all the female character are horrible to each other through the whole book and there’s no real female friendships, I just can’t do it.


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4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Oooo! I forgot about #1. That one is important. Great list!
    My TTT.

  2. I get what you mean when you say the jacket gives a way too much – also when too little or vague for that matter.

    Check out my TTT and my current giveaway.

  3. Ugh when people (namely our MC) is magically good at something they have no business being good at. That drives me insane! Yes, I know some people take to things naturally, but no, you can’t just pick up a bow and hit the bullseye on your first try. Great list! Thanks for sharing. (:

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