Book Review: Just Another Girl by Elizabeth Eulberg


Just Another Girl

Release date: March 28th 2017

3 stars

Hope knows there’s only one thing coming between her and her longtime crush: his girlfriend, Parker. She has to sit on the sidelines and watch as the perfect girl gets the perfect boy . . . because that’s how the universe works, even though it’s so completely wrong.
Parker doesn’t feel perfect. She knows if everyone knew the truth about her, they’d never be able to get past it. So she keeps quiet. She focuses on making it through the day with her secret safe . . . even as this becomes harder and harder to do. And Hope isn’t making it any easier. . . .
In Just Another Girl, Elizabeth Eulberg astutely and affectingly shows us how battle lines get drawn between girls — and how difficult it then becomes to see or understand the girl standing on the other side of the divide.
You think you have an enemy. But she’s just another girl.

This is a book where I really liked the concept of it because it rings very true. There’s so many mediums where the reader or viewer see one girl or a group of girls vilifying another girl for some reason that looks petty in hindsight and without ever really knowing anything about the poor girl. I liked the idea of getting to see both sides. Hope, who had a huge crush on her best friend Brady and hated his girlfriend, and Parker, Brady’s girlfriend who was struggling with a lot of things and really didn’t need Hope’s hatred on top of it all.

The book alternated their POVs to give the reader both sides of the drama. I found myself enjoying Parker’s chapters more than Hope’s for the main character but Hope’s chapters more than Parker’s for the supporting characters. Parker’s parts were more focused on her struggle to keep her secret and her stress that Hope might succeed in stealing Brady from her. Hope’s parts were focused on her plan to steal Brady but also involved her and her club mates in the Rube Goldberg machine group she started. I fell in love with those guys. We also got to see a lot of Hope’s mother and her best friend.

With the book being so short, it didn’t feel like there was a lot of time spent on developing a lot of the characters. The plot stayed pretty straight forward and predictable. I could see where the build up was going but once it got there, it fell a bit flat. It definitely had a lot of potential and there’s an author’s note included that is a must read, but overall it just fell flat for me.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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6 responses to “Book Review: Just Another Girl by Elizabeth Eulberg

  1. Great review! It’s a bummer about the book not spending enough time on developing characters, though – I’m huge on character driven books and character development, so I was hoping for a little bit more in that department. I was super excited when an ARC of this arrived in the mail, so I’m still going to read it, but I wish there was more focus on the characters, that’s for sure!

    • Thanks:) It was a really short book and I think the length hurt it. Hard to pack a solid story and decent development into 250 pages. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it more than I did when you get to it:)

  2. I’m sorry this book fell flat for you, how disappointing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I hope your next read is a fabulous one 🙂

    Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles

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