Book Review: Silver Stars by Michael Grant

silver stars

Silver Stars

Release date: January 31st 2016

4 stars

The summer of 1943, World War II. With heavy memories of combat, Frangie, Rainy, Rio, and the rest of the American army are moving on to their next target: the Italian island of Sicily.
The women won’t conquer Italy alone. They are not heroes for fighting alongside their brothers—they are soldiers. But Frangie, Rainy, Rio, and the millions of brave females fighting for their country have become a symbol in the fight for equality. They will brave terrible conditions in an endless siege; they will fight to find themselves on the front lines of WWII; and they will come face-to-face with the brutality of war until they win or die.

I really enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Front Lines, so I was really excited for this sequel. These books are long but never feel like it. They’re packed with historical events without feeling dry. They tell the story of some great female characters that I would love to know in real life. They’re growth through these first two books have been amazing journeys and absolutely compelling stories to read.

I loved seeing how Rio, Frangie, and Rainy had all changed from the beginning of the first book to the end of this one. They’re growth was believable and it was amazing to see how much they had changed, to the point where they were nowhere near the girls who had started their journey. Just like in the first book, each character managed to do the most with their shared POV and made it so hard to pick a favourite of the three of them. I loved seeing them interact with the other soldiers and the dynamics it created.

The near 600 pages fly by with all the action that happened. The pacing was great, never feeling like it was too fast or like growth or the softer moments were being sacrificed for too much action. There was a good balance throughout the whole book. The book brought up many issues, religion, racism, sexism, politics in a way that seemed natural to the plot and not shoehorned in, which was great.

It was a great follow up to a book I really enjoyed in Front Lines but also stood on its own as a great book in the series. It pushed the characters and the plot forward and set up the next book without feeling like it was a placeholder in between the beginning and the end. The downside is having to wait so long for the next book.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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