Book Review: The Traitor of Belltroll by Lindsay Cummings


The Traitor of Belltroll

Release date: November 22nd 2016

4 stars

The explosive conclusion to Lindsay Cummings’s epic fantasy adventure series about a magical world at the center of the earth. This action-packed, humorous story ends the series with a bang!
Albert and his Balance Keepers teammates have been called back to the Core for immediate action! There’s a serious Imbalance in the fantastical underground Realm of Belltroll, and without intervention everything from New York to Yellowstone above could be swallowed by earthquakes. It’s clear the mysterious traitor who caused last term’s chaos is at it again, and with a vengeance.
Albert’s super-magical Master Tile helped fix the Ponderay and Calderon Realms in previous terms, but now it seems the Tile may be more trouble than it’s worth. Because if it’s Albert’s Tile the traitor is after, there will have to be a battle sooner or later, and only one of them can win…

This was the final book in The Balance Keepers trilogy, and like the first two, it was packed with a lot of action, great moments of friendship between the main three characters, tension, mystery, and fun. I’ve really been enjoying this middle grade series and am sad to see it end. This one picked up not long after the second book ended and Albert, Birdie, and Leroy found themselves being called back to the Core again, this time for a problem in the third realm, Belltroll.

The first two books were tense but they seemed like practice for what was at stake in this one. Belltroll was the realm that held everything together and if Albert, Leroy, and Birdie couldn’t fix the imbalance, it would be the end. I loved seeing the characters grow through the whole series and how important their friendship was. It was so key to them being successful.

The action didn’t stop at any point in this finale. There was never a time when it felt like they were overreacting when they said it would be the end if they failed. I loved all the twists as they fought to figure out and fix the imbalance, and as they faced off over their theories over who was the traitor. Lindsay did a great job in not making it obvious and making me believe it could have been several people.

Overall, a great way to wrap up the series.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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