Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week’s topic is Top Ten favourite books of all-time in X genre. I’m doing High Fantasy YA. So by all-time I really mean the last 2-3 years or even less since I haven’t been reading Fantasy long.

10. three dark crowns Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake. This one’s not even out yet but I love it when my fantasy books go dark and what could be darker than sisters forced to kill each other for the throne.

9. great hunt The Great Hunt – Wendy Higgins. A princess’ hand promised to the slayer of the beast could have been cliche in other hands. In Wendy Higgins’, I’m so excited for more.

8. shadow queen The Shadow Queen – CJ Redwine. I’ve really been loving the fantasy coming out recently and this one’s no exception. I can’t wait to see how the others fit into this series.

7. Ruined amy Ruined – Amy Tintera. Another recent one but I fell in love with this world where only certain people have magic and not everything is as it seems.

6. the crown's game The Crown’s Game – Evelyn Sky. This book is very new but I have high hopes for the rest of the series based on the debut.

5. orphan queen The Orphan Queen – Jodi Meadows. I loved the world-building and the dynamics between the characters.

4. girl of fire and thorns big The Girl of Fire and Thorns – Rae Carson. This is one of my all-time favourite series, not just books. The character growth in the first book alone was more than I see sometimes in an entire series.

3. snow like ashes Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch. I love how complicated this world is and the way magic is used.

2. throne of glass Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas. This main character is a badass. She’s awesome. The whole series is awesome.

1. shadow and bone big Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo. Such a great, complex world with characters to love, hate, and love to hate.



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10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. The Girl of Fire and Thorns!!!! One of my all time favourite books/series.

  2. Love the Throne of Glass series!! Also snow like ashes 🙂 I did read both The Crowns Game and The Shadow Queen, but I was disappointed by both! I have Leigh Bardugo on my TBR 🙂

  3. I’m not much of a fantasy reader so I can’t confirm your list, but I love all these covers. They definitely make me want to try them!
    My TTT.

  4. I definitely want to read The Crown’s Game soon!! My TTT

  5. I really need to reread the girl of fire and thorns. I didn’t like it when I first read it because the heroine talked so much about her weight, but I feel like if I prepare myself, I might enjoy it the second time around. I have the sequel, too, bc I was so sure I’d love it.

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