Weekly Reading Recap


Getting crafty this week for the big Harry Potter midnight event next Saturday. It’s getting closer….

Currently reading: thousandth floor

Finished reading: with malicepreyseven black diamondsreckless  hearts

Reviewed: bad decisions playlistshuffle repeat

What I’m hoping to get to next week: under the lightsDirectIngest, to read

with maliceseven black diamonds to review

What this means for my 2016 challenges:

  • 127 books read in total
  • 68 contemporary books read
  • 47 paranormal/fantasy books read
  • 38 2016 debut authors read
  • 75 reviews posted

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One response to “Weekly Reading Recap

  1. Wow you are reading TONS! I’ve only read maybe 40 books this year…? I wish I had your speed reading skills. A lot of the books I’ve read are debuts and new releases, but I am trying to read more backlist this last half of the year.

    Jess @ POB!

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