Book Review: The Bad Decisions Playlist by Michael Rubens

bad decisions playlist

The Bad Decisions Playlist

Release date: August 2nd 2016

2.5 stars

Austin, 16, a self-described screwup, finds out that his father isn’t dead. He’s alive, and moreover he’s Shane Tyler, a famous singer/guitarist/song writer—Austin’s dream for himself. But Shane is battling his own demons, and Austin must figure out how to grow up on his own terms.

I had a hard time getting into this book and I think most of that was because of Austin, the main character. There were a few times when I felt there might be a connection but it would slip away the second he reverted to acting like a brat. It would an interesting concept, teenage boy who loves music finds out his dead father isn’t dead and he’s actually a rock star, and ends up helping his son find his voice. Considering Austin’s home life of a mother who could be abusive without actually ever being called abusive and her new boyfriend who looked down his nose at Austin, I could see the appeal of wanting to hang out with this rock star who happens to be your father.

I think I would have found it easier to empathize with Austin and get drawn into his character if I had liked him more. When there was growth, it felt more like he was doing it for a girl he met instead of recognizing that he could kind of be a douche bag. He could be a pretty horrible friend and was really only a good person when it was in his best interests until he met a girl that challenged him.

None of the supporting characters felt like fully developed characters. It was Austin’s story but there was a lot about the other characters that I wanted to know. There wasn’t a whole lot there to connect with, unfortunately.

There were some bright spots. I really enjoyed the use of music throughout the book. It was woven into the plot without making it feel forced in. The messiness of the plot echoed Austin’s feelings well. It had a lot of potential and I think I could have really enjoyed it if I’d connected more with Austin as a character.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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