Book Review: Finding Abbey Road by Kevin Emerson

finding abbey road

Finding Abbey Road

Release date: August 2nd 2016

3 stars

Catherine Summer Carlson has hit rock bottom. On the brink of a record deal, her band Dangerheart is in disarray. One member has gone rogue, and another is missing and wanted by the police. On top of that, Summer’s parents are pressuring her to choose a future that doesn’t include the music world she loves so much. She’s torn between wanting to stay with Dangerheart and her soulmate Caleb, and taking off in a different direction at her dream college.
Meanwhile, Summer and Caleb are closer than ever to finally unlocking the mystery of Eli White’s lost songs, but the last clues present an impossible challenge: can they outwit Candy Shell records, stay one step ahead of the police, and find a way to get to London before it’s too late? And if they can get there, will they be ready for what they may find? Summer’s dreams of the future, Dangerheart’s chances of becoming the band they’ve always dreamed of being: it all comes down to these next five days. Summer knows this would be the riskiest thing she’s ever done, that her relationship with her parents may never recover, but she also knows that this might be her last shot at figuring out what her heart really wants.

This was the quickest read of all three books in the series. It also ended up being my least favourite of the three. There was a lot less focus on the band as a whole and on their story together and a lot more attention put on Summer and Caleb, their relationship, and the mystery of the hidden songs. I enjoyed the series more when the focus was more on the band and the mystery of Caleb’s father and his hidden songs were in the background.

Summer was a character I had a hard time connecting with the whole series. I could understand her being unsure of what she wanted to do with her life and her frustration that her parents had a plan for her that she might not want. But she was also very pushy and very inconsiderate of everyone else’s feelings around her. She was supposed to be the manager for the band but she never seemed to actually act in their best interest. She was so stubborn about the way she wanted the band to make it and maybe if she had paid more attention to them as a band instead of just Caleb and his mystery, the band wouldn’t have been on the verge of falling apart by this last book.

Dangerheart, which was my favourite part of the first two books, were barely a blip in this one. All the great supporting cast that we’d met through Exile and Encore to an Empty Room were mostly background noise to a Summer/Caleb duet. Since my main enjoyment came from the band and the supporting characters, I found it harder to get into this book and read it more quickly to get to the end just to get to the end.

I liked the concept of this series but with the lack of connection to the main character and enjoying the band story line that fell to the background, this conclusion wasn’t my favourite of the books.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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