Weekly Reading Recap


We’re going out to dinner in a different city tonight. A city with a bigger bookstore. Where we will be stopping.

Currently reading: season for fireflies

Finished reading: the lost and foundlife after theftinside of outkeepwe are the ants

Reviewed: marked girlivory and bonecure for the common universe

What I’m hoping to get to next week: shiny broken pieceswhat happens now to read

we are the antsthe lost and foundinside of out to review

What this means for my 2016 challenges:

  • 105 books read in total
  • 52 contemporary books read
  • 43 paranormal/fantasy books read
  • 34 2016 debut authors read
  • 61 reviews posted


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2 responses to “Weekly Reading Recap

  1. Have you read the prequel to Shiny Broken Pieces (Tiny Pretty Things)? I really want to read it and I want to know if you liked it!

    • I did read Tiny Pretty Things. I enjoyed it. It had a bit of a Mean Girls meets Center Stage vibe to it. I actually liked Tiny Pretty Things more than I liked Shiny Broken Pieces.

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