Book Review: Summer of Sloane by Erin L Schneider

summer of sloane

Summer of Sloane

Release date: May 3rd 2016

4 stars

Sloane was all set for a great summer visiting her mom in Hawaii with her brother Penn. Instead, right before she’s supposed to leave, she learns an unthinkable secret about her boyfriend Tyler and best friend Mick., leaving her with a broken hand and shattered heart. Hawaii should provide the perfect escape but even an ocean between them doesn’t stop the constant texts and emails of apologies from Tyler and Mick. All Sloane wants to do is forget and Finn McAllister, son of a wealthy hotel owner, provides a great distraction. But as Sloane struggles with what’s waiting for her when she leaves Hawaii, her feelings for Finn are growing beyond the casual fling he was supposed to be. Will Sloane be able to move past all the hurt and betrayal to make a real connection with Finn?

This was on my list of anticipated books for the first half of 2016. It seemed like it would be a good spring into summer read, fun with romance and some angst and drama. With there still being snow and cold nights outside while I was reading, getting to imagine Hawaii and spend the summer with Sloane and her group was a great distraction.

I really liked Sloane, immediately. I couldn’t blame her for getting pissed once she discovered the secret between Tyler and Mick, two people she completely trusted, and I was glad to see her stay angry and not just instantly forgive them with one sad puppy dog eye glance. I was excited with and for her to go to Hawaii and spend the summer just having fun and focusing on herself. It sounded exactly like what she needed. I liked her growth arc of having to learn to put herself out there and trust again if she wanted anything serious to happen with Finn, but also having to decide if she could ever forgive Tyler and Mick and moving past it either way.

The supporting cast of characters were so great and really addicting to read about, even Mick and Tyler who I mostly wanted to scream at for most of the book. Finn was charming and easy to like, especially with the way he treated his little sister. The flirty banter between him and Sloane was perfect and I loved it every time they were together. The dynamic between her and her brother Penn was so familiar to me, as someone with siblings, and I feel like I could have lost myself in reading their playfulness and sibling love all day. There was a great mix of different friendships in the book as well. Long-lasting friendships, summer friendships, new friendships. I enjoyed them all.

The writing was really easy and enjoyable to read. The descriptions of Hawaii were very vivid and I could easily picture myself there instead of my snow-covered yard. The plot was very character-driven, which I enjoyed, but there was still parts left for the usual summer activities of hanging with friends, bonfires, and parties. Overall, it was a quick read where I really enjoyed the characters and left me happy.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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