Book Review: The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

heir and the spare

The Heir and the Spare

3 stars

Evie Gray is on a mission to discover the truth about her late mother’s past. In a series of letters, Evie is given a new task in each one and each one brings her closer to discovering the truth that will change her life. The first task is to attend Oxford, her mother’s alma mater, where she meets a group of friends and starts falling for a boy named Edmund, the younger Prince of England. When Edmund offers to help Evie with her tasks, she accepts and it brings them closer but can Edmund ever be with an untitled American or is Evie doomed to have her heart broken?

I was expecting this book to have a very Princess Diaries or The Prince and Me feel to it, light, a little quirky, fun to read, a few moments that tug on the heartstrings, and I received pretty much what I was expecting. It was a well-paced story and there was a lot about it that I enjoyed. I just wish there had been more twists and surprises to the story.

Evie was a likeable character and I definitely enjoyed her enthusiasm at seeing all the sights of London. For the most part, she was kind and open and I can see why she fit in so well with the group of friends that accepted her. There were times when she acted younger than her age and I would have loved to have seen more lead-in with how she got accepted into Oxford but overall, I liked her and I loved her interactions with the other characters.

The romance happened really fast and while it was happening, it overtook the story for a while. The quest for Evie’s mother’s past was shoved into the background, though I probably would have been more annoyed if I hadn’t been so amused by all the character interactions, especially Preston and Edmund and Evie and Preston. The antics of the whole group of friends were just so much fun and even though we didn’t learn too much about anyone other than Evie and Edmund, I still found myself caring about the others and wanting them to be happy.

The quest, the big secrets, the way everything played out was pretty predictable. There were no out-of-left-field surprises that had my jaw on the floor, which would normally annoy me but worked in this case. It gave the book that royal rom-com feel that I like when watching movies like The Prince and Me or What A Girl Wants. They’re just fun and make me happy to be watching, and this book made me happy to be reading it.



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3 responses to “Book Review: The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright

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  2. This book definitely was predictable, but it was just so darn cute that I didn’t even mind. It definitely reminded me or something that would make a pretty good movie!

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