Book Review: The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

the one thing

The One Thing

3 stars

Maggie Sanders lost her sight six months ago, and with it her dream of playing soccer like her mom along with her so-called friends who were only interested in her when she was helping their team win. After a prank lands her in trouble at school, she’s forced to see a probation officer and one visit to his office ends up changing everything. Because all of a sudden, Maggie can see again but only a small sliver surrounding a ten-year-old named Ben. Ben is amazing and funny and he helps Maggie understand that her life isn’t over just because she lost her sight. And as a bonus, Ben’s older brother just happens to be the lead singer of Maggie’s favourite band. She’s just starting to believe that everything might turn out alright when she learns the reason she can see Ben, and her world is turn upside down once again.

I’d heard really good and great things about this book before I even picked it up so I was excited when it was under the Christmas tree. I was worried my expectations would be a little high considering everything I had heard about this book and maybe they were, since I did end up enjoying it but not as much as I was expecting.

Maggie was a character I had a hard time connecting with. I actually really liked her voice. There was a lot of sarcasm and humour that I appreciated and I could understand her struggle to deal with her new situation. Other than that, there wasn’t much to her that was there for me to connect to. Maybe it would have helped if we’d gotten to know Maggie a little bit before she’d lost her sight I would have gotten a better sense of who she was as a person and a character. I knew she loved soccer, Mason’s band, and made a lot of bad decisions without thinking. I did like her but I just had a hard time getting a sense for her.

Other than Ben, who was adorable and hilarious and should be real, I thought the other characters were pretty underdeveloped. There was a lot of hinting at who they were or telling stories that were supposed to give us a sense of who they were but they never felt like fully formed characters. That also meant that Maggie’s relationships with them felt underdeveloped and since the dynamics between characters are usually my favourite part of the book, it left me underwhelmed.

The plot was enjoyable, a bit predictable, but I enjoyed overall story. It was nice to see the developing friendships between Maggie and Ben, and Maggie and Clarissa get just as much attention as the developing romance between Maggie and Mason. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the characters and relationships had gotten more focus instead of why Maggie could suddenly see Ben. Once I’d figured that out pretty early on, it was just a matter of reading to see how they would figure it out. Maybe if my expectations hadn’t been so high, I wouldn’t have been overthinking things as I read but they were and I did, unfortunately.



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