December Wrap-Up/January TBR

It’s a new year full of new books and new goals. One goal I have is not to read so much, which may seem weird but last year’s pace was hectic and, while I like being able to say I went a whole year reading a book a day, it’s not something I feel the need to replicate. There’s plenty of books that I probably will read in a day but there’s also plenty of books that will just be too long, that I put off reading last year so it wouldn’t  ruin the pace. This year I figure I’ll aim for between 1/2-3/4 of a book a day but not get hung up on the page numbers. If I finish it in a day, great. If it takes three days, that’s fine.

December Wrap-Up:

starling Starling – Fiona Paul. 3/5 stars. It was an okay series but I much prefer Paula Stokes as Paula Stokes.

broken between us What’s Broken Between Us – Alexis Bass. 3.5/5 stars. Review. I enjoyed this one but I didn’t like some of the characters or the cheating.

Illuminate Illuminate – Aimee Agresti. 3/5 stars. The series was alright but I didn’t get absorbed into it the way I do with my favourites.

infatuate Infatuate – Aimee Agresti. 3/5 stars. But I did push through both books.

iron traitor big The Iron Traitor – Julie Kagawa. 4/5 stars. Review. I’m not sure why I kept putting off this sequel but it was action-packed and I loved the complexity of the characters. And seeing my favourites from the previous series.

loser weepers Losers Weepers – Nicole Williams. 4/5 stars. It’s rare that someone can take a character I hated in the first book and turn him/her into someone I love by the end.

everbound big Everbound – Brodi Ashton. 4/5 stars. This is a series I plan on finishing this new year. I don’t know why it took me so long since I really enjoyed the first one and the second was just as good.

scorch trials The Scorch Trials – James Dashner. 3.5/5 stars. I didn’t have this one marked as read but I’m sure I did read it before. I would say the middle book is my favourite of the series.

death cure The Death Cure – James Dashner. 3/5 stars. It’s definitely not this one that’s my favourite. *glares at James Dashner*

passenger Passenger – Alexandra Bracken. 4.5/5 stars. Review. I absolutely loved this one. It was slow and it took a while for the action to really start happening, but that gave me more time to fall in love with the characters.

the masked truth The Masked Truth – Kelley Armstrong. 3/5 stars. I think I went into this book expecting creepy and it wasn’t so that may have affected my reading experience.

this raging light This Raging Light – Estelle Laure. 3.5/5 stars. Review. A short, easy read that had really nice character dynamics.

starflight Starflight – Melissa Landers. 4/5 stars. Review. It took a while to get started and for one of the characters to grow on me, but once the whole crew appeared, I was lost in enjoyment.

kill order The Kill Order – James Dashner. 3/5 stars. An interesting prequel. It was cool to see how everything started.

not summer without you It’s Not Summer Without You – Jenny Han. 3/5 stars. The first one was alright so it took me a while to pick up the rest of the series. I really loved To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before so I thought I’d give this one another chance. It was still okay.

thicker than water kelly Thicker Than Water – Kelly Fiore. 3.5/5 stars. Review. This is one of those books that’s hard to say I enjoyed reading it because of the subject matter but it was really well done.

reign of shadows Reign of Shadows – Sophie Jordan. 3.5/5 stars. Review coming. It was an interesting take of a fairy tale and I like how badass the lead was.

we'll always have summer We’ll Always Have Summer – Jenny Han. 2.5/5 stars. This one made me want to scream a lot. It felt like completely different characters with the same names.

shadow queen The Shadow Queen – CJ Redwine. 4.5/5 stars. Review. I loved the writing style and the characters, especially the bond between the brother and sister.

pointe Pointe – Brandy Colbert. 3.5/5 stars. I enjoyed the story and the lead but it was a bit predictable.

alex Alex – Lauren Oliver. 3/5 stars. Alex was not my favourite character in the trilogy so it was hard to lose myself in his story.

bluescreen Bluescreen – Dan Wells. 3.5/5 stars. Review coming. It was a fast-paced read with a lot of action. Sometimes the characters annoyed me but it was entertaining.

let it snow Let it Snow – Green/Johnson/Myracle. 3/5 stars. It was a quick and good read. Not my favourite but enjoyable.

bitter kingdom The Bitter Kingdom – Rae Carson. 4/5 stars. I kept putting this one off over fear the end would not live up to the series but I was wrong. So wrong.

darkness strange and lovely A Darkness Strange and Lovely – Susan Dennard. 3.5/5 stars. My biggest complaint about this series is that I find it predictable. Other than that, it’s great.

strange and ever after Strange and Ever After – Susan Dennard. 3.5/5 stars. See above.

dawn most wicked A Dawn Most Wicked – Susan Denard. 3/5 stars. An interesting look at Daniel’s prequel.

ember in the ashes An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir. 4/5 stars. The second one needs to be out now!

sapphire blue Sapphire Blue – Kiersten Gier. 3/5 stars. This hasn’t been one of my favourite time travel series. I find it hard to connect with the main character.

Emerald Green Emerald Green – Kiersten Gier. 3/5 stars. See above.

tonight the streets are ours Tonight the Streets Are Ours – Leila Sales. 3/5 stars. I think I was expecting something different or just really couldn’t connect with the main character because this one really didn’t stand out.

January TBR:

the year we fell apartassassin's heartbookishly ever afterthe one thing




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  1. thegrishalieutenant

    I can’t wait to read Passenger! It sounds fantastic. I am always so jealous that you read so much when I see your wrap ups!

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