Book Review: Thicker Than Water by Kelly Fiore Stultz

thicker than water kelly

Thicker Than Water

Release date: January 5th 2016

3.5 stars

Cecelia Price is on trial for murder. The police, the prosecution, so many people believe that she murdered she brother. Cece waits for her trial in a treatment facility, waiting to tell her side of the story and wondering if she deserves to have the chance. But she needs to tell the truth. She needs to tell everyone that Cyrus wasn’t just a drug addict, he was her brother and she loved him. She never meant for things to get so complicated and dangerous when she started selling her brother’s pills. She just wanted out.

This was an interesting book right from the start. The opening chapter started with a bang and it just got more intense from there. It went back and forth between the present and three months ago, so we got to see Cece as the broken girl she was at the present time and how things led up to that point. It did a great job at showing how prescription drugs can be so addicting and how an addiction affects not just the person who is addicting but the whole family.

I liked Cece as the main character. There were definitely times I wanted to scream at her because what she was doing was wrong or at the very least a hugely bad idea, but I could also always understand her motives. She wanted so badly to go to college and make a life different from how she’d been living but that meant money she didn’t have because it all went to Cyrus’ rehab for his knee. She knew she was making bad decisions but they were the only decisions that made sense to her in order to get herself out and to help her family. She was pretty naive about the whole situation but she cared about her family and she just wanted to help. The Cece in the present was resistant to therapy and could be quite frustrating but she was also broken and needed time to feel safe before she gave in, which I could understand. It was great to see her slowly opening up and making improvements.

I really felt for Cyrus as well. He was a messed up character who made plenty of mistakes but was also caught in a downward spiral that nobody seemed to notice for so long, or if they did they had no power to help him. His character showed just how easily one can get addicted and just how hard it is to break free of that, if ever. I liked that there were moments included that showed Cyrus as a great big brother to give him more depth than just being Cece’s drug addicted brother.

There was some light romance in the background but it never overtook the main story of Cece’s growth and her brother’s fight. Remaining in the background meant the plot never lost focus. It was a hard to read type of book, not because it was bad but because of the subject matter. It made for a slower read but still a good one. It wasn’t just a realistic, this could happen, type of a book. It was real, it was a this does happen, too often, read.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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