Comparing Before and After: Catacomb by Madeleine Roux


This was my WoW pick(hosted by Breaking the Spine) June 3rd 2015. Back then, I’d said:

“It’s the finale! Which makes me both excited for epicness and nervous because it’s the finale. I’m hoping all my favourites make it out in one piece. I still have the second book to read as well. I’ve been saving it for a time when this one was closer so now I can read it and then this one.”

After reading, I didn’t review it but I do plan on doing a series review eventually. It was a really good ending to the series and waiting to read the second book until the third one was closer to being out was a good decision because it added to the creepiness when I was able to read them both so close. I really liked the characters through the whole series and there were many times I was holding my breath, waiting to see if they all made it out.

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