Book Review: The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

iron traitor big

The Iron Traitor

4 stars

The second book in the spin-off series to the Iron Fey, The Iron Traitor finds Ethan trying to get back to his normal routine after his visit to the Nevernever. Of course it could never be that simple. With Keirran, Ethan’s nephew missing, and everyone obviously keeping secrets about the way their futures entwines, Ethan finds himself and his girlfriend Kenzie back in the land of the Fae, trying to stop Keirran from doing something rash and fighting a new race of Fae known as The Forgotten.

I really loved the characters from the original series and I’m really happy to say that I’ve been enjoying this spin-off just as much. There’s still appearances from my favourite characters from the original but now there’s new characters to fall in love with and new twists of legends.

I enjoyed the contrast between Ethan and Keirran. They could be quite similar in a lot of ways, especially with how much they were willing to risk for the people they loved. I could understand Ethan’s anger at the Fae realm and why he wanted nothing to do with it. It stole his sister and him being able to see faeries meant he pushed everyone away so until Kenzie, he never had many friends. He was the loner everyone wrote off even though he was a really sweet, loyal, and brave guy. He treated Kenzie well and he did his best to help Kierran even if it meant heading into danger.

Keirran was exactly how I would imagine the son of Ash and Meghan to be. Fiercely loyal, especially to the girl he loved, brave, more than a little reckless, and once he had his mind made up nothing was going to change it. Knowing the prophecy from the previous books in the series, every time these two characters meet, it made me nervous.

The plot moved along really well. There wasn’t the ‘middle book’ feel to it, which I liked. There was always something going on to move the characters or the plot ahead so it never dragged. There was always a mission, a goal, for the group. Once they achieved one, they had another, then another, so there wasn’t time for slow.

I do recommend reading The Iron Fey series before this one but once you have, I definitely recommend following through with the spin-off. The highlight may be different characters but the ones from the original series still appear and it’s still the same amazing Nevernever world.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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