Book Review: Lock and Mori by Heather M Petty

lock and mori

Lock and Mori

3 stars

James “Mori” Moriarty has always been a guarded person and no one has ever been able to get under her skin – not until Sherlock Holmes. When a murder happens in the park, Sherlock challenges Mori to see who can solve it first. The one rule: they must share all information they find. But Mori is keeping secrets – secrets that could ruin any relationship forming between her and Sherlock.

I really enjoy the stories of Sherlock Holmes and all the re-tellings and different versions that exist so I was excited for this book. I was a little worried at how their personalities would be as teenagers and how it might change the dynamic between them but the relationship ended up being my favourite part.

Mori was a tough character because she needed to be. Her mother was dead and her father was an angry drunk and she did her best to keep her younger brothers safe and them all together. She guarded her secrets because exposing them meant the possibility of being apart from her brothers. I could understand why she was scared of letting anyone in, especially someone like Sherlock who could read her so well. Sherlock was the eccentric character I have come to love from other stories and he didn’t disappoint here. He was eager and social inept and so clever. Together they made a great team.

The overall plot was a little slow. The mystery they were trying to solve seemed a bit obvious to me: who the killer was, what the motive of the killing was, how two teens would outsmart the police. As much as I enjoyed the dynamic between Lock and Mori, the actual mystery of the book fell a little short of surprise. It did have me excited to see where the consequences from the ending of the mystery take these two characters.

It was a short book and read fast. A good choice for someone looking for an easy mystery to read, someone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes, or someone who likes fun character dynamics.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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