Exposing My-Shelf: Shelf Twenty-Three

I am notorious for being very, very particular about where my books go on my shelves. I have reasons why they’re placed where they are. They might not make sense to anyone else but they make sense to me, so that’s all that matters. Every now and then my reasons will change or there will be an influx of new books(looking at you April/May/September) that will make it necessary for the system to be tweaked. Every Friday(hopefully) I’ll be posting a picture of one shelf and explaining the reasoning behind it. By the time I’ve posted every shelf section, it’ll be time to re-arrange and start all over again.


Shelf contains:

Sinner – Maggie Stiefvater                   My Soul to Steal – Rachel Vincent

Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater                   If I Die – Rachel Vincent

Linger – Maggie Stiefvater                   Before I Wake – Rachel Vincent

Forever – Maggie – Stiefvater              With All my Soul – Rachel Vincent

Sweet Evil – Wendy Higgins                Born at Midnight – CC Hunter

Sweet Peril – Wendy Higgins               Awake at Dawn – CC Hunter

Sweet Reckoning – Wendy Higgins      Taken at Dusk – CC Hunter

Sweet Temptation – Wendy Higgins      Whispers at Moonrise – CC Hunter

My Soul to Take – Rachel Vincent         Chosen at Midnight – CC Hunter

My Soul to Keep – Rachel Vincent        Reborn – CC Hunter

My Soul to Save – Rachel Vincent       Eternal – CC Hunter

This shelf is one of my paranormal series shelves. It’s mostly all paperbacks except for Sinner, which I couldn’t wait for but now that it’s out in paperback, I may have to pick up during a sale so the whole shelf will match nicely. As it is, this shelf will have to be reconfigured soon because CC Hunter has a new book in the Shadowfalls series that won’t fit otherwise.

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  1. I love looking through other people’s bookshelves. My books are sort of just stacked wherever they’ll fit…need to get a lot of new shelves haha!

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