Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week’s Top Ten is bookish things I have/want/need to quit. There’s nothing that I really have or want to quit so I did a slight spin and did Top Ten bookish things I should quit but won’t.

10. fallen bigsyloarticle 5forsaken Buying the whole series before I’ve even finished the first book. I’m getting better this year with actually reading a lot of the older, completed series that I own but that doesn’t stop me from buying the new series that have come out. Waiting means less stress on my bookshelves since I don’t have to try to fit as many books on them. Waiting also means possibly not being able to find the hardcovers of the books when I do want to finally read them, and I love my hardcovers.

9. Eleanor and Park bigfangirl big Buying multiple copies of the same book just because it’s a special edition. The extras are cool but are they cool enough to warrant taking up a space on a shelf?

8. Falling for the “wrong” pairing. I don’t think there’s any real way to stop this one from happening. It just seems like most times I’m more interesting in the pairing of the love triangle that has no chance or, even worse, a pairing that doesn’t actually exist but I swear it should because so much chemistry!

7. 100_0402 Re-arranging the bookshelves. This takes up time and energy that could be spent reading.

6. life next door big everything everything not after everything Reading so much YA. There’s great books in the regular fiction section, in sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, biography, but those aren’t the sections I automatically gravitate to and I don’t see that changing. I’ve been branching out a little and there are adult authors I enjoy like Jojo Moyes and Robert Galbraith but I still go YA most times.

5. delirium bigeve bigcross the universe Powering through series that I’m not enjoying. I have this weird thing where I need to know how the series are going to end even if I’m not enjoying them so I refuse to DNF them but also…

4. bitter kingdomlast olympian biglast sacrifice big Putting off finishing a series I love because I fear the last book won’t live up to the rest of the series and will tarnish my love for it.

3. Getting attached to characters who will die. Again, not something I can control but I’m sure my walls would appreciate not having things thrown at them when it does happen.

2. Subscription boxes. This is a new thing and I subscribe to two amazing monthly boxes, Uppercase and Fandom of the Month. It’s money that could be used to buy more books or bookshelves or other things I need but the stuff in each box and all the flailing and interactions that come with each box every month make them worth it.

1. Reading so much. I should, at some point, go outside and interact with real people outside of work. One day. Maybe.



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16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. #1 – nah. lol 🙂 Subscription boxes are my weakness too – fortunately my budget only allows for the CauseBox right now but now I’m tempted to check out yours lol. My TTT

    • Oooh I’ve never heard of CauseBox. There’s so many out there that it’s hard to choose. I want them all! Uppercase you get a new release YA book and some items to go with it(usually a signed bookplate, a piece of jewelry, maybe a notepad). Fandomofthemonth is all jewelry and there’s a different fandom each month. September was Percy Jackson:)

  2. RedHeadedBookLover

    These are such beautiful books

  3. Love your topic this week! I can relate to so many…

  4. I put off reading the last book because I’m scare it will not end well or I just don’t want to say goodbye. Read The Bitter Kingdom, by the way, it’s amazing, you won’t be disappointed. Nice list!
    My TTT

  5. “Buying multiple copies of the same book just because it’s a special edition” – Yep… that’s me. I just came home today with the illustrated version of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” because of this. Great post!

  6. I hate it when I can’t get a matching set of books–I found a series that was on the third book, and it was difficult to find the hardcover of book one.

    You could always get rid of the less special edition, that’s what I do.

    • Books need to match!
      Get rid of books???I don’t understand….

      • I like when you get a reprint with pretty matching covers–solves that problem. 🙂

        Well, it’s not for everyone. And I admit I stacked books on my shelves for years without getting rid of any of them–but I couldn’t even see half my library that way. If I had more space for bookshelves things might have gone differently!

  7. I spend way too much time reorganizing my bookshelves! I never seem to be happy with the order that my books are in.
    My TTT:

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