Book Review: The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick

boys most likely to

The Boy Mostly Likely To

4.5 stars

A companion story to the book, My Life Next Door, this is the story of Tim Mason and Alice Garrett. Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To screw up his life. Alice Garrett was The Girl Most Likely To always do the right thing. When their worlds collide beyond their mutual connection of Alice’s brother Jase, they find themselves doing something they both know they shouldn’t: falling for each other.

I really liked My Life Next Door so I was really excited for this companion to finally be in my hands. Tim Mason was a character I loved in the first book so to get his story, it was amazing and I couldn’t put it down. The book was told in the dual POV’s of both Tim and Alice and I thought it showcased both sides of their story well.

I enjoyed both characters’ POVs pretty equally. They each had very distinct voices and very different arcs so it was easy to tell which POV belonged to who. Tim was trying to overcome his mistakes from his past and his addiction, with little help from his parents, and trying to prove that he could make something of his life, that he wasn’t just a screw up like his dad thought. Alice was struggling to take care of her brothers and sisters and help her mother as much as she could as her father recovered from an accident, even if that meant putting what she wanted on hold. There was so much room for these two characters to grow, together and separately, and it was great to read.

This book wasn’t as light as the first one. It dealt with a lot of issues, it was grittier, the stakes of the character arcs seemed higher. There were still those great family moments and great chemistry scenes that were reminiscent of My Life Next Door but this book had a lot more characters I wanted to scream at than the first did.

The family theme was my favourite of all that was included in the book. The Garretts are such a great family and I love when the characters involved with them learn that family can be more than just who you’re relate to. People may judge them for having so many children but they love each other and they still have enough to make others feel like they’re part of the family. That’s pretty special.

I went into the book expecting to enjoy Tim’s arc more than Alice’s but I ended up enjoying them both about the same. They both had a lot going on in their lives and they both had a lot of things they had to overcome in order to let go of who they were expected to be, either by others or themselves. Their growth separately was just as great read to as their romance.

Overall, it was a great companion to My Life Next Door.


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