Book Review: Tiny Pretty Things by Charaipotra/Clayton

tiny pretty things

Tiny Pretty Things

4 stars

Bette, Gigi, and June are all ballet dancers with the same goal. Be on top at their elite Manhattan ballet school, be the one who’s noticed, get the lead role. Gigi’s the new girl taking the school by storm but she’s hiding a secret that could kill her. Bette is a legacy and under the constant shadow of her star old sister, which has brought out her nasty side. June is always in the background and needs to be noticed this year or her mother is pulling her out. When the competition for the lead roles is so intense, things can turn ugly fast.

I was very excited to hear about this book. I’m a fan of ballet and I enjoyed movies that have used ballet as a main focus(Black Swan, Center Stage). After reading it, I definitely get the Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars comparison.

Of the three girls, Gigi was my favourite. She was the easiest to like since she was new to the whole extreme competition area of ballet and she seemed to genuinely want to befriend the other girls. The other two, Bette and June, had a lot of unlikeable moments, and sometimes were horrible, but there were also moments when I felt for them too. June loved to dance and her mother was ready to pull her out of the best school. Bette would never measure up to her mother’s standards even though she constantly did everything she could think of to meet them. They were willing to bully, to blackmail, to threaten, to injure, all in the name of getting the lead role to appease their parents, to prove they were worth it.

There was a bit of romance but it was mostly there as support to the main story. It was light and I enjoyed the developing relationships as they were happening. It might have been nice to see one or two other girls who were nice and offered some genuine friendship feeling in the book so it didn’t feel like all the girls were backstabbers but there was some friendship shown between a couple of the boys, so it was there. I just really missed it with the girls.

I liked the way the story was told in the three separate POVs. Gigi was the main target of the bulling and we saw her suspicions, but we also saw Bette and June’s reactions to each incident and as it escalated, more theories seemed to emerge as to who was the instigator.

There were some cliffhangers at the end so I’m glad that there is another book coming. I wasn’t aware of that when I first read the book and panicked a little when I got to the end. I have theories and I need to know if they’re right!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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3 responses to “Book Review: Tiny Pretty Things by Charaipotra/Clayton

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  2. ccplteenunderground

    I’m also a sucker for any dance related anything and really enjoyed Tiny Pretty Things. But I’m with you ā€” I need answers. Can’t wait for the sequel!

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