Book Review: Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

everything leads to you

Everything Leads to You

4 stars

Emi is young but she already knows what she wants to do with her life. And she’s doing it. It may just be an internship but she’s working on real sets for real movies. If only her romantic life could go as well as her professional one. She keeps going back to the same girl, who keeps hurting her, who then wants her back, then hurts her. She needs to break the cycle. A mysterious letter found at a film legend’s house leads Emi to a girl named Ava – who is unlike anyone Emi’s met and just might be perfect for her.

This book was a very cute read with fun characters and an interesting setting. I loved seeing all the behind the scenes looks into Emi’s movie world and her love of set designing. The romance was on the lighter side, which I liked since it gave me more time to be invested in the new relationship instead of feeling like it was a rebound from Emi’s previous one.

I found Emi easy to relate to as a character. She wasn’t perfect, she could overthink things, she fell in love too quickly, she could be stubborn, but she could also admit it when she realized she was wrong and she tried to make things right. She was very passionate about her love of film and I loved watching her obsessed over getting every detail in the set design just right.

The romance between Emi and Ava was really sweet and mostly slow, even with Emi’s tendency to fall quickly. I loved the pace of the romance. I thought it showed Emi’s growth from her previous relationship when she did keep jumping right back in and it also made it feel that it was a relationship I should be rooting for, one that could turn into something amazing.

The mystery of the letter added a fun element to the book. It played a huge part in getting Emi to Ava to set up their eventual relationship and it gave a lot of shining moments for Emi’s friendship with Charlotte. My favourite aspect though, beside the romance, was the movie world. I want to see the movies they talked about in this book and it made me want to re-watch some of my all-time favourites to pay more attention to the set designs.

It was a fun, sweet, fast read that I really enjoyed.



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3 responses to “Book Review: Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

  1. This sounds like a great read! I think the movie world is one that lots of people are interested in, so would be a really good setting.

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