Book Review: Dead to Me by Mary McCoy

dead to me

Dead to Me

4 stars

Annie and Alice grew up in Hollywood. Their parents never really made it but were considered insiders, going to plenty of parties and putting their daughter on display when they hosted their own. Fed up with it all, Annie leaves. Alice doesn’t hear from her in years. Until one day she gets a call saying Annie’s in the hospital. She’s been badly beaten and is in a coma. Alice’s isn’t the child Annie left behind anymore and she’s determined to find out who did this to her sister. Even if that means exposing a huge star in Hollywood and putting her own life in danger.

I am a huge fan of the era of Hollywood when this book was set, along with being a huge fan of film noir, and this book definitely had that feel to it. There were a lot of twists and it was fun to try to keep up with them all as I read.

Alice was a great character. I loved her determination and her fearlessness. She was going to find out who hurt her sister and she was going to expose them. She found herself getting into all sorts of situations and she faced them, even when she knew it would likely put her in danger. She was very Nancy Drew-esque, another character I love. She wasn’t perfect in her investigating, she made mistakes, but also made smart observations and the way she put everything together made sense. She was the only character who got a lot of development, which was a little disappointing, but the story was pushed along by the mystery and by Alice, so it made sense.

Just because there wasn’t a lot of development in the secondary characters didn’t mean they were flat, which I appreciated. Mary McCoy did a great job in making even the most likeable of them seem suspicious at times. There was definitely a ‘I like this character but can I really trust him/her?’ feel through the whole book. They were hard to get a read on, and I loved it all.

The book had a lot of action in a short time. From the moment Alice decided to investigate Annie’s attack, it seemed like there was something happening to push the mystery forward. Everything she did, everyone she met, had the potential to be or to give an important clue. It made for a read that I didn’t want to put down because I wanted to see if I could figure out the mystery and if Alice would get out of each situation. It was fun, tense, and I really enjoyed it.


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