Vengeance Road Character Profiles Wrap-up


Every day this week Erin Bowman has been revealing a character profile for some of the main characters in Vengeance Road. There’s some great characters to get excited about in this book! All five have been released, you may have seen them on Tumblr or twitter already, and I’m recapping them all today. All links go back to Erin Bowman’s tumblr where there are pictures and graphics for each character. Check them out!

Kate Thompson: Disguised as a boy, Kate takes to the plains looking to avenge her father’s murder. When she discovers he was killed for a journal revealing the location of a gold mine, Kate presses on despite the warning that “gold makes monsters of men.”

  • Thoughts: Just by this short description Kate sounds like a tough girl that I’m sure I’m going to love reading about.

Jesse and Will Colton: Always looking to earn an extra dollar, these cowboys work odd jobs across the Territory. Cheerful and good-humored, Will is the perfect contrast to his older brother’s stern demeanor. But with their savings dwindling and loved ones to take care of, Jesse has reason to run a tight ship. Once the boys cross paths with Kate and learn that her destination may yield gold, they become–much to Kate’s displeasure–her permanent shadow.

  • Thoughts: I totally have a thing about cowboys and I really think these two are just going to add to my love. I’m expecting a lot of great interactions between them, and between them and Kate.

The Rose Riders: Led by the ruthless Waylan Rose, this infamous gang preys on Arizona’s stagecoach lines. According to Jesse, Rose is the “meanest hog in the Territory” and doesn’t spare anyone–not even women or children–when gold is at stake.

  • Thoughts: Every western needs a gang and this one, especially their leader, sound terrifying.

Liluye: Separated from her tribe, this young Apache girl is anxious to reunite with her family. Knowing all too well how dangerous it is to be traveling alone, Liluye agrees to help Kate navigate the Superstition Mountains. But Liluye has her own end goals and her agreement with Kate could unravel at any moment.

  • Thoughts: Potential for an amazing female friendship here. I feel for Liluye already. I hope she can find comfort in new friendships and eventually finds her tribe and family.

Jacob Waltz: A German immigrant and seasoned prospector, Waltz is trying his luck in the mountains east of Phoenix. The Coltons claim Waltz is an old friend of their father’s and could be of help, but the miner is getting on in age and mumbling about ghosts in the canyons. As far as Kate’s concerned, his tales can’t hold water…right?

  • Thoughts: This guy has the potential to be one of my favourite characters. I bet he has so many great stories to tell.

Those are the characters. Technically it’s more than five since the Colton brothers are together and The Rose Riders are more than one person, but that just means more to look forward to when the book arrives. September 1st! I don’t usually want the summer to fly by but….Erin Bowman’s making it difficult.



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