TV Post Time

I haven’t done one of these since the beginning of March, which seems like such a long time ago. So much TV in that time!

Currently watching: The West Wing. Half-way through Season 2 now. Really anticipating getting to the first two episodes of Season 4, which are probably my favourite episodes of the whole series. I’m hoping to make it through the whole series with this marathon. Usually I make it most of the way through Season 4 and run out of steam.

Next on the agenda: ER marathon. I’ve never done one and it’s been so long since I’ve watched this show I used to love so much.

Also anticipating: Either a Supernatural marathon or an Andromeda one. Do I want paranormal or sci-fi? Probably end up being both before the end of summer.

Definitely avoiding: Anything Walking Dead related because I know me and if I watch any clips, I’ll be wanting to watch the episode, which will turn into a marathon. Again. I need a forced break before I get over-exposed on zombies.



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