May Wrap-up/June TBR

Another month is gone already and we’re heading into summer, which will hopefully be a good time to catch up on my massively massive TBR pile. Reading on the deck and getting some sun, sipping milkshakes or wine depending on the time of day, warm nights. Bring it on!

May Wrap-Up:

heir The Heir – Kiera Cass. 4 stars. Review. This ended up being my favourite of the series so far. I liked the flip on the genders from the first one and the writing is a lot stronger.

return to paradise Return to Paradise – Pittacus Lore. 3 stars. Pretty much read my way through most of the remaining novellas in the Lorien Legacies this month.

kissing in america Kissing in America – Margo Rabb. 3 stars. Review. I wish it had been more road trip and less insta-love.

invaded Invaded – Melissa Landers. 4 stars. The first was a lot more light-hearted than I expected and this one had the same feel to it while definitely upping the tension level.

nowhere but here Nowhere But Here – Katie McGarry. 4.5 stars. Review. Definitely a new favourite series. I loved the characters and the idea of the motorcycle club being a family.

little something different A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall. 3.5 stars. Review coming. Very different style and it took a bit to get used to it but once I did, I enjoyed it.

improbable theory The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak – Brian Katcher. 3.5 stars. Review. A lot of fun to read, over the top at times but in a good way.

five's betrayal Five’s Betrayal – Pittacus Lore. 3.5 stars. I actually find Five to be one of the more interesting characters in the series.

proof of forever Proof of Forever – Lexa Hillyer. 4 stars. Review. It was a really cute and meaningful story that I enjoyed so much.

until midnight Until Midnight – Melissa Landers. 4 stars. So cute! Just so cute!

becoming jinn Becoming Jinn – Lori Goldstein. 3 stars. Review coming. Overall a decent book and interesting mythology but it was pretty slow.

fill in boyfriend The Fill-In Boyfriend – Kasie West. 3.5 stars. Review. I didn’t like this one as much as On the Fence, mostly because I had a harder time relating to the main character, but I still really liked it.

extraordinary means Extraordinary Means – Robyn Schneider. 4 stars. Review. I really liked the characters, the setting, and what this book said about dealing with the possibility of death and not giving up.

crimon bound Crimson Bound – Rosamund Hodge. 4 stars. Review coming. I really liked the different take on the fairy tale and the main character was pretty awesome.

prince selection The Prince – Kiera Cass. 3.5 stars. I didn’t really need the confirmation that I was Team Maxxon but I liked it anyway.

wicked will rise The Wicked Will Rise – Danielle Paige. 3.5 stars. A lot more action than the rest book but there were times when it felt like too much for such a short book.

sense of the infinite A Sense of the Infinite – Hilary T Smith. 3 stars. Review. The main character’s growth journey was very touching and easy to relate to.

guard The Guard – Kiera Cass. 2 stars. I also didn’t need confirmation to know I most definitely was not Team Aspen.

roar and liv Roar and Liv – Veronica Rossi. 5 stars. Oh my heart.

between the notes Between the Notes – Sharon Huss Roat. 4 stars. Review. I found the story easy to relate to in a lot of ways and I loved all the character interactions, especially the family ones.

love fortunes Love Fortunes and Other Disasters – Kimberly Karalius. 4 stars. Review. So cute and a great, vivid painting of the town the story is set in. Made me want to visit.

brooke Brooke – Veronica Rossi. 3 stars. I wasn’t a huge fan of Brooke in the series but her story made me more sympathetic toward her.

shattered mountain The Shattered Mountain – Rae Carson. 3.5 stars. This was Mara’s story and it was really interesting.

scarlet Scarlet – Marissa Meyer. 4 stars. I wasn’t sold on this series with Cinder but Scarlet has convinced me. This was so good, better paced, better developed, and I loved the characters.

suicide notes Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten. 2.5 stars. Review coming. The alternating POV format was a little confusing and felt disjointed. It made it hard to really get lost in the story.

arise Arise – Tara Hudson. 3 stars. It’s entertaining but it didn’t draw me in as much as I’d hope. Having a bit of a hard time getting into ghost stories. Might be the time of year(summer not spooky).

last year's mistake Last Year’s Mistake – Gina Ciocca. 3 stars. Review. Didn’t enjoy the character or the love story but the writing and POV format was really good.

ps i still love you P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han. 4 stars. Review coming. Enjoyed the first one more but this one was still good. I like that Lara Jean feels so young and innocent even at 16/17. Usually it seems like it’s the opposite.

elegy Elegy – Tara Hudson. 3.5 stars. I got into this one a bit more than the first two. Overall, a good series I might try re-reading again around Halloween time.

isle of the lost The Isle of the Lost – Melissa de la Cruz. 4 stars. Really cute and it has made me so excited for the movie.

revenge playbooks The Revenge Playbook – Rachael Allen. 4 stars. Review coming. Laugh out loud moments, great female friendships, and a little revenge against the boys who treat girls like crap. So much fun to read.

June TBR:

Untitled-4 until friday nightall the ragecrashpivot point



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7 responses to “May Wrap-up/June TBR

  1. I’m totally jealous of how many books you were able to finish this last month!

  2. Wow you got a lot of reading this month! Great books too. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! That was quite a bit of reading you accomplished! 😊 I’m impressed! 😊

  4. lry93

    This is one really long list! I loved The Heir as well! I am still undecided as to which is my favourite so far though! most of these I actually have on my TBR list! I read Pivot Point quite a while back and this is pretty much where my love for Kasie West came from! Happy Reading!

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