Book Talk: Tips and Tricks for Blogging/Reviewing

I am in no way an expert on either but after doing this for a few years, I’ve found certain things have come to work for me. They might not work for everyone but I figured I’d at least share what I’ve found works for me.

1. Spend some time just exploring the features your hosting site provides. It’s always good to know just what you can or can’t do.

2. Participate in some weekly memes like Top Ten Tuesdays or Waiting on Wednesdays. It’s a great way to feel like you’re a part of the book blogging community and to find out about new books or find new blogs/friends that have similar taste as you.

3. Don’t panic is you can’t post every day. Real life happens. Learning how to schedule posts is a good alternative so if you have some free time, write a bunch of posts for the future and schedule them for days you know you can’t be online.

4. Explore the blogs out there. Same as the weekly memes are a great way to find new blogs to follow and new friends, so is just exploring all the blogs that exist. A lot of blogs have a ‘blogs I follow’ feature so find some of your favourite blogs and see who they love.

5. If you request ARCs, keep some kind of record to help you keep track of which ones you got, which ones you’ve read, which ones need reviewing, the release dates, etc.

6. Don’t be afraid to say no. You’re human. Even if all you did all day was read and blog, there’s still a limit to how much you can do. If it starts to feel like a job and something you’re not enjoying, take a break. The Powers behind the ARCs are not going to punish you for being too busy or not being interesting in every book offered to you.

7. Read what you like.

Things I keep in mind while blogging/reviewing:

This section’s a little more tailored to how I blog/review and my own process.

1. There are fans of this book. I may have hated it but every book has people who enjoyed it and I don’t want to insult the people who liked it.

2. I chose to keep reading. If I wasn’t enjoying the book, I could have set it down. No one forced me to keep reading it.

3. I keep a journal close by to jot down thoughts as I read so I can refer to them later when I write my review.

4. Novellas and anthologies are a great way to keep reading during busy times. They make me feel like I’m still accomplishing something even though it may take only an hour or two to finish the story.

5. If a book is amazing, tell everybody.



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3 responses to “Book Talk: Tips and Tricks for Blogging/Reviewing

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  2. This is great advice for book bloggers no matter how long they’ve been blogging. Especially the one about exploring the hosting site and theme.

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