Book Review: The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

summer i found you

The Summer I Found You

3 stars

Kate’s still trying to come to terms with her recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes when her boyfriend breaks up with her. The only future Aidan ever planned was with the military but losing an arm in combat is forcing him to re-evaluate. Neither of them are looking for anything except a distraction but the more they distract each other from their problems, the more they find themselves wanting to be together.

This book was short, under 300 pages, but still managed to pack a lot of emotions and character growth in those few pages. It was told in two separate POVs, Kate and Aidan, and it was an interesting contrast between the two parts.

Kate was seventeen and could come across as quite immature a lot of times. Most of that immaturity came from her not wanting to deal with her diabetes and constantly putting herself at risk because of that unwillingness. I could understand struggling to deal with it but I was definitely on her parents’ side any time they restricted her. I could also understand her not telling Aidan right away, not wanting to be viewed as weak and someone who needed to be watched all the time, but the longer she hid it, I was sure it couldn’t end well. Aidan was only two years older but he came across as so much more mature. He had seen so much already and his part of the story touched me a lot more than Kate. Probably because he was trying. He was struggling and there were some things he wasn’t ready to face quite yet, but he was trying.

Together, they worked. At first, as a distraction for their problems and a reason to get out of the house. Then, slowly, developing feelings for each other that felt sweet and nice. Aidan could provide Kate a reality check and Kate gave Aidan someone to talk to who, with her lack of filter, wouldn’t ignore that he’d lost his arm.

The book was very light and fast to read, though it dealt with some serious issues. If the book being a little longer meant more time to go more in depth into those issues, that would have been nice. There were some things that felt a little glazed over or rushed. I did like how both character were going through something life-changing instead of just one of them, and the contrast of how they both dealt with it. Both of their support systems were great and I would have loved to have seen more time spent with Aidan and his uncle Foster or Kate and her parents. It would have also been nice to see some more of the secondary characters fleshed out so it felt like they had more of a purpose than just ‘the best friend’ or ‘the ex-boyfriend’.

So while it was a quick and easy, and a good, read, it felt like it could have gone a lot deeper into the development and the issues. It wouldn’t have ended up being so light, which would have gone against the cover and title, but maybe it would have had a more lasting impact.


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