Weekly Reading Recap


Another week is done, another week full of reading thanks to two full days of being stuck inside due to snow. Is it summer yet? Yes, this is the same beginning as last week. Why? Because we had another storm. If that wasn’t the last one, I’m moving to a place where snow doesn’t exist.

Currently reading: queen of the tearling

Finished reading: me and mompromInvincible_tagline_final.inddtimestorm bigvortexiron trialjkt_9780545810623.pdf

What I’m hoping to get to next week: racing savannahwrong side of right to read

jkt_9780545810623.pdfInvincible_tagline_final.indd to review.

What this means for my challenges:

  • Added 7 books overall: currently standing at 83 books read
  • Added 1 debut author: currently standing at 20 books read
  • Added 5 paranormal/fantasy: currently standing at 41 books read
  • Added 1 contemporary: currently standing at 29 books read

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