Book Talk: Reading slumps and planning against them

There’s really no sugar-coating it. They suck. You look at your massive TBR pile and all your ARCs and you know you should pick one of them but you just can’t seem to get interested in anything. You could try to push through it and force yourself to read but then there’s the risk of not enjoying the book as much as you may have if you had been in a reading mood.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid a slump for the last couple years. It does make me a little nervous that I might be due for a massive one, if reading life works that way. I know they’re unavoidable but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a plan to help me get through it if and when one does hit.

1. Don’t force anything. If the book’s not working at that moment, put it aside.

2. Take a day off. Completely book free for 24 hours and then see how I feel.

3. Try an anthology. Short stories seem so much less intimidating than a full book during a slump. And if those short stories happen to feature characters from series and it puts me in the mood to read those books, success.

4. Re-read a favourite.

5. Watch a movie that was a good adaptation of a book. If that fails, watch a bad adaptation in hopes of getting angry enough to read the book that the movie ruined.

6. Do NOT add books to the TBR pile.

Maybe this plan will work, maybe it won’t, maybe I won’t even end up needing it because slumps will be a thing of the past with all the amazing books that are out and coming out. The only thing left to do is wait and see and read.



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10 responses to “Book Talk: Reading slumps and planning against them

  1. Next time I’m in a slump I’ll try the adaption idea!

  2. Good ideas! I do the re reading thing, but hardly any do the others. A whole day without books… *shudder *

  3. Excellent tips! I like the movie adaptations idea. I’ll have to try that when I’m next in a slump.

  4. Great ideas! I find a reading free day does really help sometimes!

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