Book Talk: Random topics

Every time I try to write one of these talk posts, it seems like I can think of so many topics but I don’t have enough to say about any of them to make a full post. So voila, a random post.


I love them. As long as they stay polite(and clean, no swearing here). I actually find that I prefer an online debate even though they take longer since people aren’t online at the same time, but that just means it doesn’t end when everyone leaves. And you can debate with multiple people on multiple subjects, whereas doing that in real life would just be messy and loud. Another reason I prefer online debating is I have time to gather my thoughts before I hit post instead of having people staring at me while I’m talking. I really don’t like the staring. So if I say something that you disagree with, feel free to say something. Maybe you saw depth in a character that I didn’t, maybe I thought an issue was handled with sensitivity and you didn’t, whatever it is, I’m up for it.

Realistic characters/world

This is something I struggle with in books at times. I like when characters have that familiar feel to them, like they’re someone I could have been in school with, but that also means accepting the bad aspects of the characters being realistic. That might mean cheating, them being judgmental, being hypocrites. There’s a lot of stuff I can’t stand in real life but it happens so why shouldn’t a book address it as well? I can deal with that (hopefully) but I definitely prefer when there’s consequences to horrible behavior and the characters grow up.

Companion novels

I love them. There weren’t many around when I started getting into reading YA but now there seems to be more options every day. As much as the waiting sucks when you’re reading a series, there’s many times I’m glad to know I’ll be getting more of the characters and the world. With companion novels, I know there’s a chance my favourite side character will get their own story and the main characters from the previous book could(and usually do) show up. It’s a win-win.


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