Book Review: The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

conspiracy of us

The Conspiracy of Us

4 stars

Avery West just found out she has a family she never knew about, and they have a lot of power and influence. So much power that they can shut down Prada just so she can buy a dress. They can also just as easily start a war. They’re part of a group called The Circle. Some believe she could be the key to an ancient prophecy, and some want her dead so it’s never fulfilled. Now Avery must work with two boys from The Circle in order to unravel the mystery and hopefully save her life.

Going into this book I was thinking it would be like a YA Da Vinci’s Code. It was a lot of fun and I definitely enjoyed the mystery of the prophecy and the conspiracy of it all. I liked Avery and her younger group of characters, not so much the adults we met, and the action was well-paced.

Avery did frustrate me at times. At the beginning she was very naive and leaped into making decisions without thinking things through. Sneaking out of the house to attend the school dance was understandable. A normal teenage thing to do. Getting on a plane with a total stranger because another total stranger told her to go, not so smart. Other than that, I did like her. She questioned things, she was shocked at the violence and how easily others got over it. She was also very well aware at how ridiculous(not in a bad way) her life suddenly was by being a part of the family of this Circle.

The two boys Avery had to work with were also very likeable. Jack had an instant connection with her, he wanted to protect her, he was always there for her, right by her side, but without smothering her. Their romance was forbidden though so there was a lot of push and pull that was enjoyable. Stellan, the other boy, wasn’t around as much as Jack but he left just as big an impression. He was more stoic and questioning than Jack and I liked that about him. He also seemed lonely and sad at times.

Someone who did the most with the little page time he was given was Luc. I loved Luc. He was funny and caring and seemed like such a good guy that would be an amazing friend for Avery.

I thought the whole mystery surrounding the prophecy was really interesting. There was ‘the one’ and ‘the girl with the violet eyes’ and they had to figure out who ‘the one’ was and unite him with this girl. I was able to figure out who ‘the one’ was but I wasn’t disappointed. There was still a lot more mystery, with the promise of a lot more to come. I’ve read a few books with Paris as a setting but the side trip to Istanbul was a nice surprise. I also liked the origins of The Circle, their roots tracing back to Alexander the Great, which was something else I haven’t seen a lot of in books.

The fast pacing, the fun adventure, the mystery, everything about the book made for a fast read because I wanted to know more. At times it was a little far-fetched but never enough to lose me. It was definitely a fun read.



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7 responses to “Book Review: The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

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