Book Talk: Organization of books on shelves

It’s such a common problem for anyone who owns a lot of books. You buy new books and when you get home, there’s no room on the shelf for all of them. Then you have to decide which book/s come off the shelf to be placed somewhere else. Or you buy a new bookshelf and have to decide which books you’ve hidden away can come back. At least until there’s no room on the shelf again.

I got a new bookshelf for my birthday but with all the rush and business of Christmas, it didn’t get put together until last week. Now I have to decide what to do with it. So many books are coming out between now and the end of April that I want to own, probably enough to fill the shelves, so I could just wait and fill as I buy. But having empty space makes me want to fill it now, it looks incomplete.

It’s a cube bookshelf, it has nine blocks of shelves, so it’s perfect for series. That’s my plan. Find my favourite series and put them in the cubes, then fill in the spaces left behind with books that have been hidden behind others. At least until I need the room. Once it is full, or maybe before if I end up trapped in the house due to a snowstorm, I’ll probably try a new organization. Right now, series stay together. That’s a given, they will never separate. But there’s some authors whose books aren’t together for various reasons. Maybe one series is hardcover and one’s paperback so they’re on different shelves. One’s a series and there’s a standalone. I’d like to try(key word try) to get some sort of better organization to them.

By genre is another option. I do have a favourites shelf. That one gets changed the most of any shelf, to the point where I might need to make an entire bookcase of favourites. Contemporary gets thrown together a lot on the same shelves, usually without a second thought. Those ones are easy. It’s the books that have more than one element to the genre that are tricky and they just get put wherever there’s room.

So hopefully this organization will go well. If I’m not heard from in a few days, assume it’s gone badly.



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3 responses to “Book Talk: Organization of books on shelves

  1. I hear you! I have a favorites shelves as well. And a fast-moving shelf (the books that always get borrowed or books I always recommend). For me it seems like there is a perfect way to organize books today, and then another day it feels like there’s a better way to do it! Either way, when someone asks me for a book, I know where to find it! Haha. Lots of people get lost!!!

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