TV Post Time

The holidays always seem like a good time to catch up on TV shows. Not too many new episodes air, it’s cold out(at least here) so who wants to go outside. I did a lot of that the last two weeks.

Jane the Virgin: Catching up on this one. It’s so much fun. Sure it can be a little cheesy but that also seems to be the point. It’s a show I never could have imagined myself watching until I did.

The Musketeers: Planning on marathoning this one next day off as season two starts really soon and I want to refresh myself on season one.

The Walking Dead: Again, re-watching season 5A before season 5B starts in February. I am so addicted to this show.

IIHF World Juniors Championship: Hockey, two more games!



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4 responses to “TV Post Time

  1. Muskateers is something I am interested in! Let me know how it is!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to check out The Musketeers! I recently started watching and caught up on Scandal.

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