Book Talk: Organizing for book reviews

It’s no secret that I like to be organized when it comes to my books, shelves, and anything to do with reading or writing reviews. I have a specific spot for each book on my shelves and I know where they go. Occasionally I will change them around but I still know my system so I notice when a book is out of place(and then have to fix it because it will bug me until it’s fixed).

I have three separate journals, which I admit may be a little excessive. One has a list of books I want to buy each month so I can keep track of the release dates, one I use to keep track of ARCs, and one has notes I make while reading so I have them when it’s time to write reviews(which I am majorly behind on).

I find the first journal, the one I use just for the books I want to buy, helps me keep better track of just how much I’m spending on books. If I just buy the books as they come out, it doesn’t really register how many I’m buying. It’s a couple here, a couple there. They end up on my shelves with all my other books until I take them down to read or to lend out. Writing them down forces me to see the list and(especially in April and October) just how many there is. Then I can make decisions on which ones I actually want now and which ones can wait until birthdays or Christmases or even a slower release month. And when I do buy a book, I make sure to cross it off the list so I don’t accidentally end up buying two because the one I own happens to be hidden on the shelf or lent out to someone.

I would say the second journal is the most important. My ARC journal. It has all the ARCs listed by month with their release dates next to them so I know which ones need to be read first. Then once I’ve read it, I put an X next to it to remind me that a review needs to be written. Once I’ve written the review, I turn the X into a star.

The last one is straight forward. Title of the book on the top of the page and little notes about my feelings or observations I made while reading it. I’m pretty good at remember my overall feelings toward a book, the plot, the characters, all the big things, but it’s the little details that I notice while reading that I worry about forgetting to include in the review.

So that’s my organization method. Maybe it’s simple, maybe it’s madness, but it works for me.


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