Book Review: Sublime by Christina Lauren

Sublime big


3 stars

Lucy wakes in the woods outside a school, unsure of how she got there and she soon realizes she’s not like the other students. They don’t really see her. Until Colin. Somehow she just knows that she’s there for him, that he’s different. Colin, in turn, is fascinated by Lucy and once he discovers a way to be close to her, by bringing himself close to death, he can’t stop himself.

I found the concept of this book both interesting and disturbing. For the most part it was an easy read(I admit, I got a little distracted by the characters calling the ghosts ‘walkers’ since that term is so associated with zombies in my mind) and it was a fast read. There wasn’t a whole lot of action, instead the book was driven mostly by the two main characters and their connection to each other.

Out of the two main characters, I preferred Colin to Lucy. We were given more details about Colin that helped explain why he sought that adrenaline rush, we saw him have meaningful interactions with other characters. Lucy felt a little incomplete as a character, but in ways that made sense. She had little memory of her past, had no idea why she was brought back, the only thing she knew was that Colin could see the real her. The result of these two characters seeing each other was a very unhealthy insta-love relationship. She felt like she existed for him, he became obsessed with almost dying just so he could touch her. So unhealthy. And yet, I couldn’t stop reading.

I really enjoyed the writing style. It flowed well and it was easy to tell the two separate voices(Lucy and Colin) apart. I did find it a bit predictable, especially toward the end when things started to pick up. There didn’t end up being a jaw-dropping moment of complete shock, which was disappointing.

The plot, as mentioned, was mostly driven by the connection between Colin and Lucy, and the mystery surrounding why Lucy had suddenly popped back into existence. It was all about discovering Lucy’s past, her purpose for being there, their instant connection. It was interesting but I felt like it was too much at some points. I could have bought into an instant connection but not the insta-love.

Overall, it ended up going to the places I predicted it would and left me a little unsatisfied because of that. A little less insta-love and a little more surprising twists and I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was still a good, easy read.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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3 responses to “Book Review: Sublime by Christina Lauren

  1. ccplteenunderground

    Thanks for sharing your review! I’m looking forward to giving this book a try and meeting Christina Lauren at YALLFest this weekend!

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