Booking Sunday Favourites: “Bad” guy

Sometimes in books we get that character who, at first, seems like a truly horrible person and even though they might end up having to work with the hero/heroine to survive, it’s not an easy or respectful relationship. The good guys can’t overlook the things the “bad” character has done to survive, the “bad” character has issues with the good guys’ morals. There’s so many reasons why they don’t get along but their working relationships is perfect for what needs to be done. I find myself drawn to these kinds of characters because I find them interesting.

The Immortal Rules

I could have picked so many characters from this series but I’m going with Jackal. He drove me crazy in the first book but he ended up growing on me the more we got to know him. He’s one character I’d love to see have some stories from his POV. I feel like there’s even more to him than what we got in the series.


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