Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there’s a different topic. This week is top ten books on my fall TBR list. So this is my top ten out of many books.

10. i'll give you the sun I’ll Give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson. I’ve heard so many good things about this one and I couldn’t not put it on the list.

9. The Fall The Fall – Bethany Griffin. It’s a Poe retelling. That’s all I needed to know to what to read it.

8. no place to fall No Place to Fall – Jaye Robin Brown. A good girl with a secret and some impossible choices. Sign me up.

7. lies we tell ourselves Lies We Tell Ourselves – Robin Talley. I never feel like we learned enough about this time period in school.

6. Sublime big Sublime – Christina Lauren. This book sounds so messed up that I have to read it.

5. Suspicion Suspicion – Alexandra Monir. The cover drew me in with its purple maze, but the book sounds like a gothic mystery so I’m in.

4. forbidden Forbidden – Kimberley Griffiths Little. Forbidden romance, the main character sounds like a strong young woman.

3. blue lily Blue Lily, Lily Blue. I still need to read Dream Thieves(main reason why there’s not many sequels on this list, I haven’t read the others in the series) but I plan to so I can read this one very soon.

2. Talon Talon – Julie Kagawa. I was sold on this one when it said shape shifting dragons.

1. Atlantia Atlantia – Ally Condie. It sounds like a dystopian mermaid or siren story so I’m interested.



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9 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Suspicion looks amazing 🙂 looking forward to reading that one when it comes out 🙂

  2. I’ve got Atlantia on my list too! I’m so giddy about it ha ha! I’m super curious about Blue Lily, Lily Blue though because you’re probably the fifth blog I’ve visited today that has it listed! I’m totally missing out on something good huh?

    Sparrow’s TTT

    • I’ve only read the first in the series so I can’t speak to how the second is(though I’ve only heard good things) but the first one is definitely worth picking up if you like complicated plots, multiple POVs, mythology.
      Only a little over a month to go for Atlantia.

  3. Maureen Eichner

    I’ve been hearing good buzz about Lies We Tell Ourselves. And I can’t wait for Blue Lily, Lily Blue!

  4. So many good books to get stuck into! I hope you enjoy them.

  5. thebookheap

    I have no idea if I actually want to try reading Atlantia- Matched started off so strongly and then just kinda….fizzled out mid-series…meh

  6. I have mixed feelings about The fall. Suspicion really caught my eyes, I love mazes. I can’t wait to get started in Forbidden and I need to get my hands on Blue Lily, Lily Blue as soon as it’s published. I’m also very excited for Talon, I love Kagawa’s work. Happy reading!


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