Book Review: Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer



5 stars

The fifth book in The Elementals series, Sacrifice is Michael’s story. He stepped up to take care of his brothers after the death of their parents, he works too hard to provide for them, he’s constantly stressing himself out worrying about them. His girlfriend Hannah has her own child and she gets it. They could be really good together. Except Michael’s secret of his powers and the constant danger has him pulling away to keep her safe. Michael’s been doing his best to keep his family and friends safe for years but this time, the danger might be too great.

It’s here! Well, okay only in e-book form as an e-ARC so there’s still the wait for the wonderful physical copy that will complete the collection on my shelf, but it is available to read and I did and I loved it. So much about Michael gives me the same feels I get from Darry from The Outsiders(and any time a book gives me The Outsiders feels, it’s always a good thing) and there were times while reading this book that my chest was tight and it was actually hard to breathe due to the emotion and pain Michael was being put through.

I would definitely say this was the most intense book of the series, which it feels like I say that about every new book in the series. They’ve definitely gotten more intense as the series has gone on. And with each new book, it feels like I have a new favourite character from the series.

Michael was always a good guy, that was evident in the previous books, and he did make mistakes but it was always easy to tell that his brothers were his first priority. That was never more apparent than in Sacrifice. There were so many little moments that proved how well he knew them and how much he loved them. His relationship with Hunter was understandably a little rockier, not having known each other that long, but it was still obvious Michael felt responsible for him as well.

The other POV in the book was Michael’s girlfriend Hannah. I really enjoyed her parts too. I liked her when she first appeared in Spark but seeing so much more of her in Sacrifice, how strong she was and all she had to go through as a woman fire fighter and a single mother, she was amazing.

I was prepared going into this book that I would cry. The title was Sacrifice after all. I definitely was not prepared for the intense emotions. This book should come with chocolate. Everything about the book, the action, the pacing, the characters, the emotions, were all reasons why I kept reading until the last page, all in one night. I was finishing it no matter what.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Merrick family or the world of Elementals. Until there’s official word that there will be no more, I’ll keep hoping.

*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.



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4 responses to “Book Review: Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. I just finished my arc of this. I thought I was half way through and then it JUST ENDED! The last 200 pages were the novellas. There has to be more to this series. I am not ok with that ending. (Though I did love it until it ended.)

    • Yeah, I was fooled by the novellas too. I kept thinking there was so much more pages that it would all be fixed. I get the ending though, I was expecting it to go down that way even though I was hoping I would be wrong.

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