Book Review: Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

fan art big

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

Release date: June 17th 2014

3.5 stars

Jamie Peterson’s in love with his best friend. He’s tried to keep his crush a secret but it seems like everyone already knows, and some of the girls in his art class are trying to help him confess his feelings. But if Jamie tells Mason then he risks Mason reacting badly and the end of their friendship.

This was a cute contemporary read. It had a very romantic comedy type feel to it, which is a huge guilty(or not so guilty) pleasure of mine so I enjoyed a lot about this book. I did find it a little slow and predictable at times but overall, it was a fun read.

I really enjoyed Jamie’s voice and he was an easy character to empathize with, even when he was being repetitive about his thoughts it made sense because it was such a huge decision for him. His fears and hesitation were understandable and it just made me want to pull for him. Other characters managed to have some memorable moments without pulling the focus off of Jamie. Best friend and love interest Mason was sweet and funny, sometimes heartbreaking with his family. The girls in Jamie’s art class were funny and his parents had some great supportive moments. And his little sisters were so adorable.

It was really nice to see the LGBT aspects of the story taken seriously, even in the lighter moments, and seeing characters who aren’t straight fleshed out beyond their sexuality. This is a book I will be adding to my summer re-read list.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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